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Sensimix Real-time PCR Kits

Bioline's SensiMix Kits are a complete range of highly optimized ready-to-use kits, designed to deliver outstanding results for real-time PCR experiments with both DNA and RNA templates. Powered by a highly-sensitive hot-start DNA polymerase, SensiMix formulations facilitate very rapid enzyme-extension rates, enabling fast cycling conditions to be used without compromising PCR efficiency, target detection sensitivity, specificity or reproducibility. SensiMix Kits give reliable and highly reproducible data on all real-time PCR instruments, thereby reducing the optimization required for even the most challenging assays.

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  • A comprehensive range of highly optimized products:
    designed to deliver outstanding results

  • Validated with all major real-time instruments:
    reliable data on all real-time PCR instruments

  • Powered by a proprietary hot-start polymerase:
    eliminating primer-dimers and non-specific amplification

  • Flexible:
    developed for a variety of DNA and RNA templates including cDNA, poly(A) RNA, total RNA and complex genomic templates

Graph description :

Highly reproducible and efficient real-time PCR, with minimal variability and exceptional specificity over a broad range of template concentrations.

The presence of one peak in the melt profile indicates that the fluorescence is not attributable to primer-dimer formation, even at very low-template copy number.